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Data Grooming In Practice

Classical music lovers are quick to appreciate the benefits of our data grooming function, particularly in standardising classical composers names. Here's snippet of what this can mean in practice.

In a few minutes this afternoon we ran through just three composers - Bach, Mozart and Chopin - and reduced the total number of composers by 23; how? It seems amazing how many variations get submitted when music lovers would be perfectly happy with a single surname. So we see christian name followed by surname, surname then christian name, same variations with one or two initials. It's rare but it does happen that someone thinks it's a bright idea to have both initials and christian names.

Perhaps the oddest construction is adding dates. OK, it is interesting and I'm sure some people find it relevant but do people really get confused with some other Chopin? Is the years of birth and death vital to enjoying the music he composed? Well, if you are going to add dates be consistent - in the same album some tracks had the dates while some didn't and one track had the dates in brackets - but with the closing bracket missing.

The consequence of this is that iTunes, or any other music management system, thinks each of these variations constitutes a different person and you the listener have to scroll through each of these names to find the music you love.
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